Buying Real Estate Internationally

How to market real estate for the international market starts with luxury listings. International buyers tend to be wealthy clients who are usually looking for gated properties or estates. If there’s an agent in your area who has international experience, garner some insight on how to market real estate to international buyers.

Marketing Real Estate to International Buyers

Every real estate agent has the opportunity to pitch properties to international buyers because of the Internet.

The top five countries for international real estate purchases in America are:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Mexico
  • India
  • UK

It’s a good idea to understand the ethnicity of the area, as nationalities tend to cluster their purchases. If there is a thriving Indian community, that may encourage buyers from India. (And be a source for referrals!)

Pictures and Videos

Chances are good that a foreign buyer will not be seeing the house in person before they purchase. That makes the excellency of photographs and videos of the property even more important than normal.

Luxury Listings

The average price paid per purchase by international buyers was roughly $315,000. But an average is a middle of the road price in a $100 billion market. Wealthy foreign nationals are looking for luxury homes and estates and are willing to pay for them. You will need those listings to attract international buyers.

Credible Referrals

One great suggestion is to align yourself with people or businesses that serve wealthy clients. They already have the relationships you want and their referrals add to your credibility.

Target and Retarget Your Ads

The great thing about digital advertising is its main objective to target specific customers. If you want your ads to appear in Canada, all you have to do is set those parameters.  

Retargeting is a strategy we use at Adwerx to create a digital billboard that follows prospective clients across the Internet. You can promote listings or build your brand online.

If you’re ready to go global, learning how to  market real estate to the international markets starts online.


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