A Guide to Marketing Real Estate on Facebook

So how do you market real estate on Facebook in a way that will earn you more than likes? You are trying to sell houses after all. Facebook is a real estate agent's marketing dream. Every real estate agent. Every real estate agent in your community. Here are some tips for building your brand on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

There's no question Facebook can help your business. But is it helping? Do you know what to door better yet, what not to do? Facebook is changing (again) so you want to take advantage and get the jump on real estate marketing.

Profile vs. Page

If you are marketing your real estate business on your personal Facebook profile, you're in violation of Facebook's policy. And you're missing out on marketing opportunities in a big way.

Unlike personal Facebook profiles, there is no friend request required for a business page. Once someone likes your page, your posts start showing up in his or her News Feed.

Speaking of News Feed...

Unfortunately for small business, Facebook is changing how the News Feed is controlled. As of 2015, users can prioritize what they see and the order in which they see it. Be aware of the change and watch for an impact.

Attract vs. Promote

If you're just hyping houses all the time, it can get old, which means your posts probably won't stay prioritized in many news feeds. Quality content is shareableshareable is free marketing. Be a welcome mat for new businesses in your area, support community events, be a local storyteller and people will look forward to your posts.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

On the plus side, Facebook has changed it's policy on CPC ads. You will no longer be charged every time one of your friends "likes" or comments on your ad. The only time you will be charged is when a link is clicked. So if you walked away from CPC ads due to budget constraints or poor results, now's the time to try again.

Custom Audience

Custom Audience is a great tool that allows you to target a specific audience for your ads.The Custom Audience tool takes advantage of your customer contact list or people who have visited a page on your website. For example, this might be a great way to communicate an incentive for referrals.

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