How to Create a Personal Brand: An Introduction

Knowing how to create a personal brand is a key step in the life of any business—particularly real estate.The ubiquitous headshot and name recognition make you a key component of your brand image, visible everywhere you’re doing business. Executed correctly, your personal brand is both a reflection of your business and its values and a powerful tool to attract new clients. Here are some general tips on how to create a personal brand to get you started:

Creating a Brand

  • Define Your Business, Your Brand, and Your Priorities. When people think of your brand, what do you want to come to mind? What area of expertise or business do you want to be associated with? This goes a long way to getting you started.
  • Define Your Audience. Who is your target market? Where are they? What message is most likely to reach them and get them to respond? Your brand is a means of communication—you need to know who you’re talking to.
  • Pay Attention to Your Online Presence. With an overwhelming majority of homebuyers using online resources during the house hunt, this is especially crucial for real estate agents. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on how to create a personal brand on social media, your website, and overall online reputation.
  • Focus on Customer/Client Service. While online resources and advertising are important, word of mouth is still a key tool in business—again, especially for real estate. Make sure you deliver for your clients, and they’ll take care of you in return.
  • Invest in Your Website. This is the storefront to your digital business, and it needs to look attractive, easy to navigate, and incorporate search functions for listings.Take the time to build a good one—it’ll pay off in the long run.
  • Set Yourself Apart. This is a bit more nebulous, but focus on what makes you unique in your field or market.  What do you offer that others don’t? What makes you the right choice for your potential clients? If you and your brand stand out from the crowd, you’re more likely to see results.
  • Keep Growing. Your business is going to continue to evolve, and you’re going to grow as a person. While your brand should stay consistent, it should also reflect that growth as time goes by.

There’s a lot that goes into building your brand, and every piece of it is important. Real estate marketing can keep you busy, and take time away from dealing with clients and following new leads.


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