The Secret Behind Mobile Retargeting

A lot of real estate agents and developers ask, “How does mobile retargeting work?”

Let's look at what a prospective buyer sees. When a user views a desirable piece of property on his or her mobile phone and then views it through a  desktop, retargeting will help agents know which ads to place to get the viewer to come back.  

When that prospective buyer sees your brand image outside a home, the house hunter will think of the ads that brought him or her to that place. If the potential buyer decides to upload a photo of that home to social media and others go to your listing, that's conversion. Retargeting isn't just about that one buyer or that one visitorit's about using that individual to carry your brand image for you.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting works by identifying potential prospects based upon their web browsing behavior. Once they’ve visited your real estate listings, priced out moving companies, or researched neighborhoods, they are under your direction. When they leave to go about their regular web activity, mobile targeted advertising will put your ad in front of them. This is crucial to attracting the right type of user and establishing your brand.

Retarget Brand Awareness Across Platforms

You want to attract visitors that are looking to buy or sell real estate. And those visitors should attract others to your brand. Retarget high-interest desktop website visitors when they switch to their mobile devices as they browse the web. To do this, you need market retargeting that is cross-platform. The four major crossovers are:

  1. Desktop to Mobile – Take your user experience on the go.
  2. Mobile to Mobile – Get others to like and share your brand.
  3. Mobile to Desktop – Bring your audience back.
  4. Desktop to Desktop – Be the go-to brand for that real estate market.

Win Recognition With Your Brand Image

Don't discount market retargeting. It's the top tool to embed your brand image and drive the right type of traffic to your real estate listings. Finding the marketing firm that specializes in real estate enables you to:

  • Build a custom audience with social media
  • Localize retargeting through demographics, geography, and context
  • Capture the perfect audience segment for your real estate listings

Real estate interest can be tied to users through social media. With retargeting, you can see your users’ habits. And through those habits, you can give recommendations that target the people you want to buy. Using a marketing firm that understands this is key.

Take A Powerful Message And Make It Yours

The power of videos and visual media can now work to your advantage through retargeting. Through targeted mobile ads embedded in YouTube and other platforms, your brand can be in the spotlight. It's a way to advertise listings and promote real estate development. It also captures a followingviewers eager to hear what you have to offer next!

Marketing firms that specialize in real estate understand how retargeting and localized mobile advertising work. They use it on a daily basis to bring brand recognition to clients, such as Long & Foster and Keller Williams. That's the type of expertise you want attracting your audience.

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