Finding Home Buyers In Your Local Area

Find home buyers—that's what the best real estate agents do. They don't wait for home buyers to find them. They're proactive and always on the hunt. Here's their secret: It's not who you know, but who you know that wants to buy a house.

Find Home Buyers Online

You know how important your online presence is in finding home buyers. But are you just passively waiting for them to drop by your website or are you out there trying to round them up?

Digital Marketing

Don't be intimidated by technology—it's your primary weapon in the hunt to find home buyers. If you're not sure how to go about it, work with someone who does. At Adwerx, we help agents get in front of more customers.

We'd like to suggest some simple things you can do to grab more customers online.

  1. Look at your website on your cell phone. If it isn't mobile-friendly, you're hiding yourself from half of the people looking to buy a house.
  2. Customers are more likely to engage on your website if they see themselves there. In other words, "Homes For Sale" is nowhere near as attractive as "First-Time Home Buyer." These are called landing pages.
  3. Retarget your digital ads to hunt down home buyers. When a prospective home buyer visits your website, your ads will follow them around the Internet. It's like a digital billboard they drive by wherever they go.
  4. Own your zip code! Find local home buyers by targeting your ads to home buyers in specific areas.

We invite you to take advantage of the tips on our blog and feel free to ask other real estate agents what they think. We're confident in our reputation.

If you can spend as little as $7.00 a day for a week, you can take us for a spin and see what you think.



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