Email Marketing, Real Estate, and You

It's hard to remember a time before email. With email marketing, real estate agents are able to tap into the most targeted and proven communication tool available. Use it wisely and you will grow leads into customers. Use it poorly (or overuse it) and the opposite will happen. Here are some tips for email marketing solutions real estate agents can use to their advantage.

Marketing Real Estate by Email

First things first.

  • Get your contact lists organized and differentiate (segment) prospects from customers. The more you can segment clientse.g., luxury, empty nest, first time buyer, and so onthe more targeted your email campaigns can be.
  • Make sure you have permission to contact the people on the list.
  • Sign up with an email marketing provider, like MailChimp or HubSpot. As a small business, think about how many emails you'll be sending at one time. Some providers are free for smaller lists.
  • Have permission to contact these people?

Smart Agents, Smartphones

More and more email is picked up on the phone. Everything a real estate agent sends has to be friendly to mobile devices.


Email marketing should immediately reinforce your brand. Make sure your email comes directly from you, not info@myrealestateagent. A good headline as your subject encourages people to open your email:  Dinner Out on Me

Pictures or Not

A number of email providers, such as Outlook or Yahoo, automatically block images in emails. Most email service providers offer free templates that you can customize.  Look at your email with images blocked and get some tips to improve the message.

No Spam

Even if you're careful, your emails can end of up in the spam folder. Never use all caps in your subject line and avoid exclamation points. Test your emails before you send them with free spam testing tools.

At Adwerx, we offer practical, helpful blog posts on email marketing tips for real estate agents that you can use to get started.

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