Brand Building: A Definition Agents Can't Afford to Overlook

What is brand building? The definition involves making customers aware of a product or service and then delivering it as promised. Brands like Kleenex have become synonymous with their product. As a real estate agent, you want your business to be synonymous with the home buyer experience.  

The Definition of Brand Building for Your Business

Awareness marketing is a great definition for brand building. Effective brand-building strategies build awareness of you and your business. So, how do you become the "Kleenex" of your home town? What is brand building?

What if you could own your zip code? What if your online ads recognized people from your community and displayed your ads on the different websites they went to?  

Can you do that? You bet!

Anne Mohan was New England's Real Estate Agent of the Year in 2014. Check out her feedback on owning two zip codes with Adwerx. When you know how to apply marketing technology online, brand building becomes less expensive and less labor intensive.  

The benefits of brand building is customer loyalty. It's what drives revenue and referrals. It's what makes people shop for Kleenex instead of tissues.

We think real estate agents have unique elements to building their brand identity definition:

  • They are entrepreneurs running a small business, usually with a limited support staff.
  • The customers they want to reach are, for the most part, local. They work hard to network in their community.
  • They work more from their car than they do from their desk.
  • They are consummate relationship builders—get them in front of a customer and they get the job done.

Another brand building definition is the effort to get you in front of more customers. If you're utilizing effective brand building strategies, you don't even have to get out of the car to do it.

But it's not just more customers—it's the right customers. It's the people in your zip code with home buying on their mind. Your ads show up when they least expect it and—slowly but surely—your name, business, and brand is everywhere.

That's a brand building definition you can bank on!

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