The Best in Real Estate Branding

The best real estate branding is all about creating a memorable impression. Putting your headshot on your website isn't the only solution to make you stand out. Branding techniques are about confidence and creativity. When you can take what's great about you and succinctly capture it in words and pictures, that's the best real estate branding there is.

How To Build Your Best Real Estate Branding Ideas

Branding is about presenting yourself to the world, and often it's "the bolder, the better." Real estate brands have to be memorable, because the ultimate goal is to produce results. More referrals, more listings, more appointments, more sales.

The Basics

You need real estate branding ideas.Throwing together ads or materials piecemeal to grab leads doesn't cut it. A brand requires awareness marketing.

  • What are your goals both financially and professionally?
  • What personal and professional qualities contribute to your success?

If your business cards and website look like those of every other agent you know, it's time to give your image a makeover.  What's unique about you? What do customers consistently compliment? That's your best real estate brand!

Marketing Materials

Once your idea is fully formed, you start creating the pieces that promote your brand. The following are examples of perfect real estate branding:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • E-books

It's up to you to judge your skills, but hiring a professional to do your branding materials can be a help. If you prefer, you can build your own digital ads.

Quality of Content

The more informative, interesting, and educational content you produce, the more credible and recognizable your brand becomes. Add a blog to your website, then re-post your articles on Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter.

Let's not forget YouTube. Video is a great sales tool for listings, but also for building your best real estate branding strategies. Let your customers get a feel for what it's like working with you, your expertise, and the types of properties you sell.

Free e-books are a great way to generate new contacts and promote your real estate brand. Ask people to register to download your free Top Ten Tips for Empty Nesters.

Maximizing Your Exposure

Your online and offline marketing should complement each other. One agent in California puts his hashtag from social media (#FastAgent) as signage on his properties. Quirky,creative and memorablehe stands out.

You want your digital ads to stand out the same way. Retargeting is a strategy we use at Adwerx to ensure ads follow prospective buyers around online. It's our mission to deliver digital marketing strategies for agents and agencies to help them achieve the best real estate branding possible.

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