Sell More Homes: Best Real Estate Ads & Headlines

The best real estate advertising headlines are the ones that make the viewer respond. For that to happen, you have to catch their attention. You can do that by writing a headline that comes from their perspective.

If a real estate ad speaks to your customer, a relationship begins. Here are some do's and don't to get you started to create the best real estate ads.

Dos and Don'ts of Advertising Headlines: The Best Real Estate Ads

First of all, your ads have to stand out. One more headshot of a smiling real estate agent in a blazer isn't going to draw attention. Your headline should help with that.

Don't : CapeCod, three bedroom, fenced yard, Woodtown

Do: Two- and Four-Legged Kids Welcome in Woodtown Stunner

Seth Godin said, "Selling is a transference of emotion." Buying a house and moving is a stressful and emotional process for many home buyers. Tapping into those feelings will help buyers know you're the perfect agent. Looking below, the first headline might catch your eye, but not necessarily create rapport.

Don't: Get Out Now Before the Kids Come Back

Do: Empty Nest? Memories Moved for Free!

The worst thing you can do is try to tell people things that you need to prove. Think used car salesmen or personal injury lawyer. Using all capitals letters is considered shouting online. But more importantly, trust and respect are earned. Never ever make claims or promises you can't meet.


Do:  Let's find the home your dreams deserve.

Your headline targets your ad to specific groups of leads or customers. At Adwerx, our retargeting solution puts your brand in front of peoplethe right people for your business. We only work in real estate, so we understand it's all about closing the deal.

Watch this agent's response from her campaign to learn more.

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