Straight Talk: Advice for Real Estate Agents

The best advice real estate agents can get comes straight from the sourcesuccessful agents. Real estate pros who have built a profitable business share a common trait. They knew what they wanted to accomplish and did what it took to get there. Learn from the best with the advice offered below.

Advice from Successful Real Estate Agents

Not all real estate agents are alikeeveryone has their own style. But following the path of people who have achieved what you want - it's a great way to go. The best advice we can we offer? Take what you learn and make it your own.

When Times are Slow, Speed Up

Broker Roger Healy got great advice from his dad when he was discouraged by a slow sales period. "If you don't have any business, create it." That's exactly what he didusing unconventional means to get business rolling in.

Answer Your Phone

How crazy is that? But when National Association of Realtor's used Facebook to collect advice for new agents, this came up repeatedly. It's okay to set some boundariesbut your phone is your livelihood. Answer it!

Not All Advice is Created Equal

When Stephanie Halverson first started as a real estate agent, she was more than willing to learn. But some of the advice provided really didn't sit well with how she wanted to build her business. Be true to yourself and never do anything that could jeopardize your reputation. No matter who tells you that you should.

Don't Be Afraid of New Ideas

Century 21's Anne Mahon, Top Agent in New England in 2014, isn't afraid to give something new a try. When she was introduced to Adwerx's Claim Your Zipcode marketing program, she'd never heard the idea before. But because the price was so affordable, she took the opportunity to try something new. Now her kids think she's famous and her clients do, too.

Build Your Own Brand

The advice we'd offer real estate agents is to build a personal brand. Local networking, well-designed materials, and retargeted digital advertising can all work together to bring your business to home buyers' minds. Check out what agents have to say about our services.

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