Buzz Words: Advertising Words for Real Estate

Creative advertising words for real estate must evoke a feeling. That's what most real estate sales are about: how a house makes a buyer feel. There's a big difference between a dry list of features and descriptive words that evoke mental imagery. Learning to use language that will leverage those feelings is the first step in converting leads to closings.

The House Whisperer: Creative Ads for Real Estate

One of hardest things for any writer is to choose language that draws the reader in. As a real estate agent, you have to be careful not to fall into the trap of "same old, same old."

Think for a second about what you're selling. To you, it's a house. But to a buyer, it's where they live life. There is a big difference between writing a bathroom count or describing a gorgeous gardener's dream home.

Not a Writer?

Fair enough, but that doesn't solve the problem of creating compelling ad copy. When you visit a listing, think about the words that pop into your head. Is it adorable? Kid-friendly? Private? Luxurious? If you can capture those words (use a digital recorder if that helps) you have a starting point. If the words don't come easy, grab some ideas here.

Headlines with Appeal

How often does your ad sound like a real estate agent instead of a home buyer? Though features matter, how you describe the house can significantly improve your ad's appeal.

Real Estate Agent Perspective: Three bedroom ranch, great starter home, stainless appliances, lots of upgrades.

Home Buyer Prospective: Stainless and Granite in My Price Range? No way. Yes way!

Compelling Content

Descriptive words are important ,but don't overdo it. If you get too fluffy, you sound phony. Be crisp, get right to the point.

Enjoy an ocean view from your couch! Stunning four-bedroom beach house in quiet seaside community. Outdoor shower, luxurious master bed and bath, marble tile and large sun-dappled deck to catch the ocean breeze.

Call to Action

Always give people a clear way to respond to your ad, i.e., a call to action (CTA). Here are some simple tips:

  • Make sure there is a benefit to responding (e.g., no closing costs).
  • Add some time urgency (e.g., offers already coming in).
  • Never use the word "submit" on a CTA button (e.g., going fast; don't wait; call now).

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