Advertising Techniques: 4 Real Estate Ads Examples

Exploring advertising techniques, real estate ads examples for branding ideas, and the best tips in the industry are all ways to gain exposure. Examples of real estate ads include yard signs or business cards—anything that involves persuasive techniques in advertising your business to potential customers.

Putting up a new listing on your website is the most simplistic form of advertising for real estate agents. But more advanced techniques can lead to more advanced success.

Strategic Real Estate Ads Examples and Techniques

Successful advertising techniques and examples are strategic decisions that get your business in front of as many prospective clients as possible, for the least amount of time, effort, and money.

1. Think Outside the Ad

The most common advertising techniques won't necessarily set you apart from other real estate agents. You have to think outside of the box. In fact, the best examples of real estate ads might not always be a traditional ad. Beneath this article on real estate advertising rules, there's a list of sponsored links.

They tie into the subject matter while offering supplemental options to explore. It's just one example of an advertising technique that allows you to piggyback other people's work to promote your business.

2. Print Placement

You're probably already familiar with the newspapers and magazines in your community. While these advertising avenues still hold a lot of value, there are additional ways to boost your print advertising that are less traditional.

  • Banners or program ads at local sports teams
  • Table tents at a popular coffee shop with Wi-Fi might increase your referrals
  • Luxury listings might be advertised in a program at the symphony or ballet

3. Own Your Zip Code

The Internet may be global, but chances are your customers are local. At Adwerx, we help real estate agents market online at a price they can afford. Our advertising impressions target people who are "in the market" for buying or selling a house AND live in the zip code(s) you've chosen.

4. Retargeting

Here are two statistics we think you should know: Only 2 percent of users commit to a purchase when they first visit a website and most customers will hire the first real estate agent they contact. Retargeting is a technology we use to help real estate agents recapture that wandering 98 percent by keeping their ads in front of visitors wherever they go on the Internet.

These examples of advertising techniques can help you grow your business.

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