5 Creative Advertising Strategies and Examples for Success

When it comes to marketing strategies for your real estate company, there are tons of options to choose from and different things work for different people. With all the choices available, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to best advertise and promote your listings.

Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

  1. Grab the Attention of Potential Customers with a Well Written Listing. Don't sell your listing short (pun intended) with a bland, boring choice of words. Use lots of adjectives to draw a picture of what someone's life could be like if only they had this home.
  2. Make a Viral Video. If you can create a video that is funny or interesting enough to go viral, then that's something you ought to jump on as soon as possible. The number of shares many viral videos accumulate will help you reach a much wider audience and likely won't cost you a thing. According to Real Estate Marketing Blog, "A viral video is one that creatively promotes a property, real estate company and/or Realtor by using content that draws attention and encourages viewers to want to share it with others."
  3. Create an Email Newsletter. This can assist you in keeping in touch with previous clients who may give you referrals in turn, as well as reminding them (and other potential clients who sign up for your list) that you're available to help.
  4. Sponsor a Local Charity or Sports Team. Whether it's your child's soccer team or your local breast cancer walk, sponsoring a local charity or sports team that many others are involved in piques people's interest in your company, especially if your logo can end up on a T-shirt or something of the sort.
  5. Take Advantage of Social Media. Social media is a free tool that can do you a world of favors. Make sure to have, at the very least, dedicated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Keep them all updated regularly for best results. Programs like Hootsuite can help in the battle to keep them updated if you need a hand.

Overall, there's a lot to do to successfully market and advertise yourself and your business. If you ever need an extra hand, look no further than the professionals at Adwerx.


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