CBx + Adwerx = power tools for real estate agents

Coldwell Banker CBx and Adwerx digital ads

As if you needed an excuse to get an iPad, the Coldwell Banker app CBx might just be it.

The Coldwell Banker app empowers agents to create a demographic makeup of potential home buyers by attributes such as age, education, family size and average household income, as well as from where these potential home buyers are moving.

Chicago-based Coldwell Banker agent Andrea Geller has made ample use of it. And she found a way to boost its efficacy even more.

By combining the CBx data with her digital listing ad campaigns from Adwerx, Andrea is creating a more data-driven strategy for herself and her clients.

“If you’re working with buyers, it can tell you about the neighborhood, and the demographics and income,” she shared. “But as a listing tool, it gives you the demographic of the area and the particular buyer for that particular property.”

That information informs her digital ad campaign from Adwerx.

“I create an ad for my listing — it takes about two minutes,” she demonstrated. “And I’ll target the ad to those buyers, and I know where they’re coming from.”

Watch Andrea as she demonstrates the two tools.

To learn more about CBx, visit the iTunes App store. To learn more about Adwerx digital ads, visit coldwellbanker.adwerx.com

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