Chris Craft on personal branding for real estate

Chris Craft on personal branding for real estate agents

In his blog post, Let It Shine: Why Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents Matters, Chris Craft of Nao Media explains how real estate agents can go beyond putting their name on a business card. It’s all about being true to YOU.

Let it Shine

A true brand is natural and not fabricated. A brand is uncovered and not discovered. I find that people who search too hard to find who they are make up an identity that’s not their own; and this happens inside and outside of business contexts. Personal branding for real estate agents matters because relationships are of high value in life and business.

Personal branding has many good general benefits for business. But the benefits really shine for real estate professionals since agents are so often closely engaged with their clients through personal contact. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that your personal brand differentiates you from the other agents in your area. Here’s an incomplete list of benefits for good personal branding in real estate.

  1. Generates leads.
  2. Humanizes your marketing.
  3. Helps you market with consistency.
  4. Jumpstart word-of-mouth marketing.
  5. Develop a voice for your content.
  6. Become comfortable in your own skin.
  7. Developing your unique value proposition.
  8. Helps potential clients know what to expect from you.
  9. Determine the persona of your ideal customer.

In so many cases within real estate, a solo agent’s personal identity represents the full identity of their business. You are your business. This is why I place such a big importance on personal branding for real estate agents. Once you grow to have an agent team or brokerage, then you can consider standalone business branding prep and tactics. But for now, love who God made you to be and make sure your real identity is fully reflected in your real estate business. Your clients will love and trust you for it.

Chris Craft personal branding for real estate agents

Chris Craft is a Christian, husband, father, author, speaker, and founder of Nao Media. Craft approaches all things, including his writing projects, from a Christian worldview. He writes on faith, gratitude, marketing, and business.

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