Chad Hyams: what can real estate agents learn at the gym?

what can real estate agents learn from the gym

What makes gyms like OrangeTheory Fitness, CrossFit and SoulCycle such a success? And how does that matter to you in your real estate business?

The current success that is being seen in the fitness world is in the way these businesses have changed how people work out — and how they feel about it. Success leaves clues, so let’s have a look at them and how they can help you outside of the gym.

1. Control the calendar

The first thing these programs do is set a schedule They tell you when the classes are offered and you jump through hoops to show up because they have something that you value.

Are you controlling your calendar or are you jumping through hoops to meet with clients when they want? Then you miss out on important family events, meals, and the always important lead generation time? Remember you have something the client will value, from access to the properties, your experience, your network of vendors, or specific detailed information.

2. Work in groups

The next factor in the success of these fitness programs is group classes. These give you the opportunity to have others watch what you do and learn from them in return. This lets you copy a gym-mate if you didn’t understand the coach. It lets you compete with someone and up your game. It lets you share challenges and wins together.

Many people head into work and then lock themselves in their private office without any group accountability. Sit in the open. Bring others to sit with you. This will then allow you to listen to each other, compete with each other and share challenges and wins with each other. Even better, bring a group of people and the energy that comes with everyone “working out” together!

3. Be accountable

One of the most powerful tools to lead someone towards success is accountability, and that is something that these programs offer. When you workout alone, do you run as fast as you can while on the treadmill or do you just jog? Do you lift weights to push yourself or just impress yourself? Having others doing the same thing you are doing shows you that baseline to strive for or to break through.

Having a group to lead generate with not only teaches you better how to do it, it makes sure that succeed and don’t settle!

4. Mix it up

There are challenges and changes each and every day you attend one of these workouts. Nobody wants to do the same exact thing day after day after day after day. We look for distractions, changes and excitement around us all the time. These successful gyms bring that to you with a different workout each day (even if elements are the same) and opportunities to show yourself how far you have progressed.

Most people don’t do what they know they should do because they are looking for distraction and change. Prepare for it instead, and move your lead generation location. Move your lead generation time. Move your lead generation target and call your sphere today, your family tomorrow and FSBOs the third day. The elements stay the same with changes to keep the challenge fun.

Maybe you aren’t ready to franchise yourself like these highly successful gyms, yet you can get more than just a good workout from them. If you pay attention, you can learn lessons of success and end up a lot less sweaty!

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