Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Customers Build Their Brands

Adwerx was founded in 2013 with the idea that digital marketing should be Brilliantly Simple for real estate agents who needed to focus on building client relationships, not on becoming marketing experts. To help with this, we developed the first automated, hyperlocal digital brand advertising solution available to the industry. Over the past decade we’ve become an integral part of thousands of agents and loan officers’ toolboxes, and today we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary!

After first launching an eCommerce product for real estate agents to advertise to a specific zip code, we strategically expanded our offerings to include an Enterprise Platform in 2017 and a solution designed for top producers in 2020. Our Enterprise Platform enables real estate and mortgage firms of all sizes to provide personalized, digital marketing at scale using innovative channels to reach a broader audience. Our Top Producer Platform allows individual loan officers and agents to take advantage of our industry-leading enterprise technology to help grow their business. While we’ve accomplished a lot these last 10 years, we’re excited to continue to bring the best in digital advertising technology to our customers, empowering every producer with a marketing strategy that wins them more business.

In celebration of embarking on our second decade in business, we reached out to some of our most tenured employees to highlight the transformation we’ve gone through both as a company and an industry this past decade.

Here’s what they had to say:

How has the industry changed since you first started at Adwerx?

We have gone from a stable housing market year over year to the wild west that was Covid, where home prices shot through the roof and interest rates fell to historic lows. Now we’re trying to find our way back to pre-pandemic norms and it will be interesting to see where the market takes us.

Matt Jones, Manager, Technical Support, 6.5 years at Adwerx

There was still uncertainty about how digital advertising fit into our customers’ marketing strategy when I joined in 2016. Today, digital advertising is a part of everyone’s focus and reaching their audiences on the web and social platforms is now the de facto best practice. It’s easy to forget that postcard mailers were the only way some folks marketed until recently!

Reed Emmons, VP of Engineering, 7 years at Adwerx

I joined Adwerx right about the time we launched our enterprise service. We were the first in the real estate industry to provide a solution to the brokers directly, and we continue to be the only solution in mortgage. Watching that product take off as the industry realized the benefits not only of digital advertising but of doing it at scale, has been really energizing and exciting.

Kelly Parisi, Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing, 5.5 years at Adwerx

What makes you most excited about the path forward?

Continuing to find innovative advertising technologies that can drive value for our customers! We are always on the hunt for ways we can deliver better ad creatives and ad targeting to improve the efficiency of our customers’ advertising campaigns.  

Nick Sehn, Chief Technology Officer, 10 years at Adwerx

I’m very excited to take the relationships we’ve built up over 10+ years in the industry with other software and technology providers to build strategic partnerships to better serve our customers. We have a new opportunity to elevate and integrate our platform with best-in-class partners, which will drive more value for our customers.

Keith Strombotne, Director of Business Development, 5 years at Adwerx 

What makes Adwerx great?

“One thing has rang true over the years. It’s the commitment of the people at Adwerx to be solution-oriented, team players that love to work hard and love the relationships they’ve built with their co-workers.”

“Our ability to persist and grow in an ever-changing industry that sees new competitive solutions available each year. Time after time we continue to earn our customers’ business and gain loyal supporters.”

“What has been a constant for me in my time at Adwerx is that I’ve always told others how amazing the people are that I work with. My co-workers are who have made my time at Adwerx so enjoyable. I also feel that everyone here has a voice, regardless of their role.”

“I continue to be energized by all the smart, thoughtful, and hilarious people I am lucky to work with every day. There is nothing better than starting the work day with a team alongside you that are capable of doing just about anything together.”

Thank you to all of the customers and Adwerx employees who have joined us on our journey so far. Here’s to our next ten!

A quick snapshot of our past decade in business

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