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Twitter tips: 6 guidelines every real estate pro should know

There are half a billion Twitter accounts in the world and more than 140 million in the US alone. It’s easy to think that with an audience that large, Twitter would be a prime network for selling real estate.

Not so fast, Speed Racer. While it’s important to have an online presence and a digital marketing strategy that includes social media, it will only work well if you do it right. And although Twitter can be quite effective for building new and lasting connections with professionals and potential clients, it isn’t the best place for blasting out sales pitches. 

Read on for six tips on how to use Twitter effectively for real estate.

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3 tips on using LinkedIn groups successfully for real estate

For most professionals, LinkedIn is known as the social network where they post their resumes, look for jobs, hire new employees and make real business connections. While having a complete and compelling profile is an absolute must for any real estate professional wanting to boost their online presence, LinkedIn can be used for much more. 

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Tips for using Vine, Instagram and YouTube video for real estate marketing

In today’s world of tweets and short attention spans, you might think that getting your message across quickly is always the best policy. Even when it comes to video.

After all, as a real estate professional, you need to catch your prospect’s attention in the first few seconds and get your message across before they move on.

Between Twitter’s 6-second Vine videos and Instagram’s 15-second tweetable mini movies, it does seem that folks are enamored with short snippets.

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Real estate SEO essentials, part 2 – 4 optimization tips to supercharge your search rank

Your website may provide everything a potential client needs to decide to list or buy with you, from elegant design and professional photography to useful homebuying or staging tips and articles.  But are potential clients finding your site in the first place?

According to Search Engine Journal, 75% of searchers never click past the first page of search results.  Unless you’re a top dog on search, odds are your beautiful site is collecting dust.  

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7 Pinterest ideas for real estate agents

Using social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to help build real estate marketing is nothing new. But Pinterest — a relative newcomer to the social media world — might prove the most valuable social medium for real estate agents. 

Pinterest is powerful because it drives more traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or YouTube (study by Simply Measured). With 25 million users, the potential for exposure is huge for real estate agents as well as home buyers on Pinterest.

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Working hard without sweating: 3 real estate productivity tools

Most real estate agents work really hard for their clients but their clients just don’t know it.  Like a star in any profession, the great ones make it look easy.  But here’s the rub — most clients don’t think agents are working hard enough to justify the 6% that they’ll have to part with when the “Sold” sign appears in the front yard. This means by making it look easy, client satisfaction may actually suffer.  

recent study examining client satisfaction and real estate agent commissions suggests that there is a link between client satisfaction and the frequency of communication by the real estate agent. 

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