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Julian Culton Broker 501 Realty

Julian Culton: building a real estate brand

The most pivotal moment in Julian Culton’s real estate career was also his absolute worst. It was early days, in just his third or fourth transaction. Everything seemed to go fine, or so Julian thought. But after the closing, he received a letter from his supposedly happy client. “It was a ‘Top 10’ list of […] Read more

Should you shut the door on open houses

Kevin Johnson: the agent who shut the door on open houses

Like most home sellers, the client of real estate agent Kevin Johnson wondered when he planned to host an open house for her property. “I won’t be doing an open house,” he told her. It wasn’t the first time he’d surprised someone with this answer. Kevin is an agent in Celebration, Florida. And while he’s a […] Read more

How does retargeting for real estate marketing work?

Imagine you’re thinking about a new car. You wander a dealer’s lot and a certain little red convertible catches your eye. You kick the tires, open the trunk and even sit in the driver’s seat. But you’re not quite ready to buy, so you leave. Later that day, you see that same red convertible in your parking lot […] Read more

Adwerx post on basics of building your brand for real estate agents

Brand building basics for real estate agents

In the world of marketing lingo, a brand is one of the more mystical concepts. It’s a term often used, but not often used consistently. What is a “brand,” anyway? A “brand name” refers to the name signifying the source of a product or service. Coca-Cola. Ford. Starbucks. These are often trademarked. But a “brand” […] Read more

How do you measure brand awareness for real estate?

Brands are a big deal here at Adwerx. It’s a hot topic around the water cooler, the coffee maker and the ping pong table. Brands, brands, brands… we believe your brand is one of your most important marketing assets. Just having a brand is a great thing. But creating brand awareness is another. (For more […] Read more

Adwerx is not lead generation

When we talk to our customers — real estate agents just like you — it’s only a matter of time before we get the question, “Is Adwerx for lead generation?” It’s a very reasonable question, but in a word, no. Adwerx is not a lead generation platform. Here’s why. If you do a Google search […] Read more

Marketing in a digital world [Video]

Denise Brewer, TV personality turned real estate pro, shares her wisdom from decades of marketing experience. Learn how to build your brand online and what it takes to succeed in a digital world with these real estate marketing tips. Read more