Josh Tucker goes from race cars to real estate

After ten years in the pits of NASCAR all over the country, you’d think Josh Tucker would have a steering wheel or at least a race car as his logo for his real estate business. You’d be wrong. It’s an anchor. Josh and partner Greg Biffle, also a NASCAR alum, are both avid boaters and […] Read more

Dustin Brohm Salt Lake #bethesherpa

#Bethesherpa Dustin Brohm says yes to new opportunities

After a meandering work life that included construction, car-detailing and customer service, it was Dustin Brohm’s mother that helped him find his true calling. But first, she made him go to a class. “My mother signed up for a Rich Dad/Poor Dad weekend seminar and invited me along,” Dustin said. “It totally changed my life.” […] Read more

#BeTheSherpa Lynn Johnson300

#BeTheSherpa: What Lynn Johnson hid from her clients

Much of a real estate transaction is need-to-know. And buyers often need to know everything. Agent Lynn Johnson was working with a couple who were relocating from the mountains of Asheville, NC to the Triangle area.  She guided them diligently through a search for a home that would fit their needs and wants. They finally […] Read more

#BeTheSherpa Story: Agent Mark Slade and local expertise

Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson put a client’s toughest question to real estate agents: “Why do I need you?” His answer was that agents are like Sherpas: they reduce the risk of the transaction, they help carry the load and they comfort the client along the way. With this mindset, no amount of technology or automation […] Read more