How you can build your mortgage brand online

Adwerx for mortgage lenders to build brand online

With brilliantly simple digital ads, lenders can reach local borrowers and local real estate agents online

Mortgage professionals are consistently faced with the challenge of filling sales pipelines. You want to find people who need a new mortgage, so you cultivate relationships with real estate agents. Or you want to find people looking to refinance their home.

That’s why it’s crucial to be where both potential borrowers and referral partners spend their time: online.

Now, mortgage pros can get in front of the right audience at the right time with perfectly targeted digital ads from Adwerx — a platform that over 35,000 real estate agents have used since 2013.

Digital ads for mortgage pros offer:

  • Consistent ad campaigns that are shown on the web, mobile apps and Facebook
  • Custom data that ensures precision targeting to local borrowers or local real estate agents
  • Campaigns that start at only $59 per month

“Savvy mortgage pros were already hacking our real estate product to help grow their businesses,” said our CEO Jed Carlson. “We called these early adopters and listened to their requests. Then we built a simple, easy to use advertising product that fulfills the need of building brand awareness online while staying in front of the right audience via retargeting.”

One of those savvy early adopters is Graham Peterson of Prospect Mortgage.

“Adwerx is a uniquely simple product that has easily and effectively helped me establish my brand as a lender with my customers and referral sources,” said Graham. “I receive constant feedback about my visibility in my online community. Adwerx got me recognized in my market and I will continue to use it as an important part of my overall marketing strategy.”

Adwerx digital ads for mortgage lenders

In a digital world, surround sound marketing is more important than ever. Digital advertising is a perfect complement to offline strategies such as events, email, and direct mail.

Many mortgage professionals know they should have an online presence but are not sure how or where to begin. Adwerx is a self-service platform that levels the playing field for anyone who wants to advertise online.

Another mortgage pro that was ahead of the curve is Jonathan Wald with Primary Residential Mortgage. He particularly likes the retargeting feature of Adwerx, allowing his ads to follow anyone who visits his web site.

“This is a set it and forget it way to brand yourself to Realtors, prospects, and past clients,” said Jon. “Hiring Adwerx has helped boost my online presence and increased my brand recognition within my community.”

Graham and Jon are just two of many early adopters from the mortgage industry that helped shape the new mortgage tools. And every day, more lenders are searching for their zip codes and building their ads. Join them today and start building your mortgage brand online. Zip code spots are limited!


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