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“Anyone who wants more evidence of the power of brand awareness, just needs to take a teenager shopping.”

In the last AdWerx University lesson we explored the real estate marketing funnel and introduced the concept of awareness marketing. In this lesson, we’ll show you why awareness marketing is an essential part of any real estate marketing plan, and show you how new technology is making it easier than ever to boost buyer and seller awareness locally.

Up to this point, most online advertising solutions available to real estate agents have been designed for lead generation at middle stage of the marketing process, capturing lead information where real estate shoppers go to search listings. Since most home shoppers start their search online, advertising on real estate portals has become a tried and true way for agents to gather leads. But while lead generation may deliver in quantity, the leads it captures are often lacking in quality due to high competition and prospects’ lack of familiarity with a particular agent.

As a marketing tool, AdWerx enhances your marketing by focusing on generating awareness and trust at the top stage of the funnel. Old school marketers call this branding; we call it awareness marketing. When done right, awareness marketing will not only give you a leg up during the the lead generation phase of the funnel by building familiarity and trust, it often helps send new prospects directly to you.

As Inc. Magazine states:

“…small business owners should make brand awareness a key part of their overall marketing strategy. A local lawyer will get far more web traffic…if people in the community know the lawyer’s name and use it in the search than just searching for local lawyers.”  

Despite its clear marketing benefits, not all agents prioritize awareness marketing, as building local awareness has traditionally been a time intensive and costly process that involves planning direct mail campaigns or making expensive ad buys. As the Lead Views blog explains:

“small business owners like real estate agents should realize that building brand awareness or brand recall is a long and slow process…A successful and well-recognized brand is the result of many things that were done right.”


That said, thanks to digital tools like AdWerx, local awareness marketing can now be done at a fraction of the cost by using behavioral data and automation to cut out middlemen, allocate your ad budget intelligently, and target local buyers & sellers as they enter the market. In the end, agents save money, and more importantly time but reap the benefits of a higher profile brand and greater local recognition.

Now, that you know how and why you should build your brand, check out our next lesson: Sweat the Details.

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