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As a real estate agent, buyer and seller awareness of your personal brand is a critical part of your marketing success. After all, if someone doesn’t know who you are, how will they know to call you when they need your help?

Picture your marketing as a funnel, with every prospective buyer or seller at the wide end, and your select pool of committed clients at bottom.  In order to turn people from strangers into clients, you need to get them from the top of the funnel all the way through the bottom. Awareness marketing tools like AdWerx can help you facilitate this.

What is awareness marketing? Imagine you are the owner of a shoe store in the mall. You know all the routes someone can take to get to the mall. What if you could advertise on every billboard along those roads? Regardless of whether shoppers remember seeing every billboard, they’ll know more about you than your competitors, and odds are, they’ll arrive looking for your store.

This is exactly what your AdWerx ad campaign was built to do. Awareness marketing is especially effective for real estate agents because, according to the NAR, modern home buyers spend an average of two weeks shopping online before contacting an agent.


By identifying buyers and sellers as they come into the market, AdWerx finds potential clients and follows them around the web with your personalized ads, keeping you top-of-mind and significantly increasing your chances of getting their phone call. And as you know, in the real estate industry, first contact is crucial.

As a student of AdWerx University, you’ll not only learn how to boost your brand with awareness marketing, you’ll learn how to improve your online marketing as a whole, and ultimately win more business. Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Read on!

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