Agents of change: how real estate agents can do well by doing good

Real estate agents charity volunteers

Real estate agents are already helping people — it’s part of the job description. And the way they help people, when done right, is still an experience that can’t be supplanted by technology.

But some agents of change go above and beyond, weaving charitable giving or good works into their business plan. They host fundraisers or collect canned goods. We are fortunate enough to know some leaders in real estate who are doing well by doing good, and we wanted to highlight how they do it.

Laurie Weston Davis and The Geeky Girl House

You don’t usually think of a house as a gadget, but it’s really the most critical thing anyone could have. And Laurie Weston Davis certainly thinks so. While the mission of her team at The Geeky Girls is to share technology information and education for real estate agents, Laurie knew they could do more.

Laurie Weston Davis
Laurie Weston Davis of The Geeky Girls

And when she learned about New Story, she was in.

The nonprofit was created in the wake of the devastating hurricane in Haiti. The organization raises money to help one family at a time, so donors know precisely who they are helping.

“The Geeky Girls have always been about helping agents in the real estate industry be better,” she said. “Our goal has always been to make the experience of buying or selling a home a great one. And now we are hoping to help a family in need to get that roof over their heads.”

That’s why the Geeky Girls are building a house, from pillar to post. Not only through their own contributions, but their participation in the Adwerx Affiliate Program is playing a part.

“As an Adwerx Affiliate, we can help real estate agents save on digital advertising. And all our earnings go directly to the Geeky Girls House.”

So if you’re interested in building your brand and building a house while you’re at it, The Geeky Girls can help.

Relola helps furry friends find a home, too

Real estate agents help humans find their dream home. But what about pets? They need homes, too, and Relola is helping to make that happen.


The Founders of Relola, Kristen Policy and Heather Sittig Jackson, met 15 years ago at a dog park and have since shared their love of animals. And now that they’ve created a web platform where real estate agents can create a digital footprint and aggregate social proof of their expertise, they’ve also created the Relola Home For Good For Animals program.

Here’s how it works. For every week that 1,000 house-hunters save a search on, the company will sponsor the adoption of a shelter animal in need.

And that’s not the only way that Relola gives back. The Relola Cares program expands the reach of giving to multiple organizations. Agents earn ‘Care Points’ for contributing their Insights on Relola. Care Points are distributed by our agents to the charitable organizations supported by the Relola Cares program. In turn, Relola will make an annual donation to eight amazing organizations including Sunshine Kids, Autism Speaks, Move for Hunger and more.

Joe Schutt builds up his CommUNITties

Joe Schutt Giving Back UNIT Realty Group Boston
Joe Schutt of UNIT Realty Group Boston

He is the founder and broker of UNIT Realty Group. Community is so important to him that Joe found his brokerage’s name at the heart of it. And since community is central to what they do, giving back was a strategic focus from the get-go.

“There wasn’t one moment that made us think that we had to have a community program,” Joe Schutt said. “We’ve always given back to the community in one way or another. So it was a no-brainer to carry it over into the brokerage.”

Giving back doesn’t mean the office hosts an annual coat drive or collects cans for the local food pantry once a month. The CommUNITities Program runs all year long, donating five percent of each Unit Realty Group’s sales commission to the client’s choice of local causes.

“Giving back is truly baked into our business,” said Joe. “And the reward is that we are able to give back. We aren’t being asked to do it. It’s an opportunity we are grateful to have.”

The tagline of the program is, “Change your address. Change a life.” And Joe Schutt is doing that one unit at a time.

Giveback Homes helps any real estate pro be an agent of change

GiveBack Homes and Adwerx partnership
Giveback Homes in Nicaragua

Blake Andrews, the Founder of Giveback Homes, had a lightbulb moment during his own house hunt about three years ago. He thought of families who couldn’t afford a home and decided to create a real estate business that would help improve lives. “What if we built a community of real estate professionals who want to be a part of social change?” And thus, Giveback Homes was born.

The Giveback Homes team provides a cause marketing service to their Members, helping them easily make giving part of their business, donate directly to those in need, and get hands on with the building process.

The organization is fueled by the passion of real estate professionals across the country and is growing every day. The agents and brokers who are part of Giveback Homes feel that philanthropy is more than doing good for good’s sake; it’s a way to differentiate themselves in the real estate market. Members get a digital toolkit that includes logos, social graphics, and custom marketing material so that home buyers and sellers understand the good their home purchase is doing for someone else.

And the real estate pros have the confidence in knowing 100% of their donation goes to building a home. It’s brilliantly simple. To learn more and join the program, visit

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