Adwerx introduces a new marketing category: Customer Relationship Advertising™ (CRA)

Look at the ads below: Which ad draws your attention?

Better yet, which ad is better for Jane’s prospects to see while browsing their favorite websites and social media platforms? Which ad will help Jane maintain a connection with the people important to her business?

These are the questions that spurred the creation of Customer Relationship Advertising™ (CRA), a brand new marketing category from Adwerx. It’s based on the simple fact that people buy from people.

Customer Relationship Advertising™ features your producers.

Adwerx’s automated technology seamlessly deploys FaceForward™ advertising for every sales producer at your company, designed to help you and your team achieve your marketing goals. How?

  • Including faces gets ads noticed 11X more than ads without
  • Featuring your logo and your producer’s face reinforces the company brand AND the producer’s personal brand
  • Adding their face drives recall and affinity for the producer

CRA integrates with your CRM to keep your producers in front of the right audience at the right time.

You choose the audience(s) who will see your producers’ ads from your CRM:

  • Their Prospects
  • Their Clients
  • Their Referral Network

Audiences update automatically each day.

Your producers stay top-of-mind by following prospects to their favorite websites and social media platforms.

Plus, we’ll include a FaceForward™ custom-branded AdStore™ tailored for you.

The Adwerx AdStore™ enables your sales team to purchase additional automated advertising services to match their business needs. Our ads are proven to close more deals and increase overall productivity, and will also help build your company’s brand.

Why Customer Relationship Advertising™ from Adwerx?

It’s a proven solution that works.

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