Adwerx Case Study: Scott Lehmann of Better Homes & Gardens

Custom adwerx ads scott lehman better homes and gardens real estate case study

Industry: Real Estate
Products: Listing Ads
Customer Name:  Scott Lehmann
Brokerage/Business Name:  Better Homes & Gardens Sonoran Desert Lifestyles

Our advertising campaign through Adwerx is now our top referral program.”

Scott Lehmann is a successful agent in Phoenix, Arizona, and he took to the Adwerx listing ad product immediately.

He was then able to increase his engagement by creating his own custom listing ads, and he shares how he does it in this tutorial.

As Scott told Adwerx, “Real estate agents can’t just walk out into the market and get clients. They need to establish themselves and shape a brand that communicates who they are and why they are the local expert to work with. That takes some strategic work, including display advertising such as Adwerx, direct marketing and nurturing their sphere of influence.”

Interestingly, Scott was skeptical of Adwerx at first. As he attests in this video, he wasn’t sure his ads were even running.

“We have some proprietary analytics within our network, as well. I could actually follow individual ads that we had built and posted on Adwerx, and those referrals coming back from those Adwerx ads into our website. I could actually see them, so I know that the ads are working.”

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