Adwerx Case Study: Patrick Ryan of Related Realty

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Industry: Real Estate
Products: Sphere Ads
Customer Name:  Patrick Ryan
Brokerage/Business Name:  Related Realty, Chicago

“It’s one of the only advertising tools I’ve ever used where people reach out me.”

Patrick Ryan had a hammer in his hand, but digital ads were on his mind.

As senior vice president and managing broker at Related Realty in Chicago, these two activities did fit together. He was participating in a company-sponsored home build with the organization Giveback Homes. And he was thinking about how to get all his Related agents on the platform he was using for digital ads — Adwerx.

Fortunately, he was working right alongside Caroline Pinal, co-founder of Giveback Homes. And she knew exactly how Patrick could accomplish his goal.

Patrick Ryan of Related Realty
Patrick Ryan of Related Realty

Fast forward a few months and Related Realty partnered with Adwerx and Giveback Homes to launch “Agents for Change” ad campaigns, supporting a continuing initiative by Related Realty to build affordable homes for those in need in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood.

“People don’t sit around thinking about their agents the way we think about them,” said Patrick. That’s why he’s such a believer in the sphere ads from Adwerx. “You have to be consistent and constant. And it’s automated.”

Today, Related Realty sponsors sphere campaigns for each of its brokers. These campaigns promote the agent and the firm’s commitment to giving back.

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