A veteran and a rookie? Yes! Meet real estate agent Amy Nease

Amy Nease Real Estate Naples Florida

She went from selling sites to selling — and buying — homes

Real estate agent Amy Nease spent 16 years selling in the same neighbourhood.

Granted, the neighbourhood was a 1700 acre golf community in Florida. Amy was in site sales. But imagine the depths of expertise in an area after a tour of duty like that! That was after working for a custom luxury home builder, so new homes were definitely her wheelhouse.

Today, Amy has made the move to general real estate, working with buyers and sellers in Mediterra as well as all over the Naples and Fort Myers Beach markets. Her customer’s goals are her goals, and her 20 years of experience is serving her well.

Amy knows that when buying a home there are questions beyond the details that make the home beautiful. What is the experience as you walk up to the door? What are the known details ‘behind’ the wall that affect the longevity of the home and the quality of construction? How will you live in your home?

By helping her customers explore these questions, Amy forged deep connections that didn’t end when she turned the keys over.

“You create a long term relationship with someone when they’re building a home,” Amy said. “You’re there through the entire construction process to when they move in.” So those relationships carried over into her new focus on general real estate.

How Amy spread the word to her sphere of influence

The change is obvious to Amy, but not so much to her customers. She has made concerted efforts to educate her sphere about her ability to serve them even more.

“I sent an email, I changed my signature, and I sent postcards,” Amy said. “But so many people still don’t know they can now buy or sell with me anywhere in the area.”

Among her other tactics, Amy uses Adwerx to stay in front of this sphere of influence.

“Most of my clients are in the 40 to 70 years of age range,” Amy said. “And they don’t live completely online. But it’s a source of information for them. They don’t even know why they’re seeing my ad, they just know they saw me!”

Selling a home? Amy sells the big picture first.

When working in a new construction community, there often isn’t much to look at in the early days. So Amy’s challenge in site sales was to paint a picture of what life could be like for her potential buyers.

Amy Nease Real Estate Agent

Amy took what she learned from her years in site sales to her real estate practice. She knows the right home is not about the number of bedrooms and baths. “You sell the big picture first, then focus on the little picture.”

And Amy believes that branding is a critical part of helping buyers and sellers get to know her and trust her as a local real estate expert. The average home shopper is online for anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months before they contact an agent. So Amy uses Adwerx Brand ads by Zip code, so she can reach new prospects and access retargeting.

“It’s a fantastic product. You’ve got people on vacation, and it’s a rainy day… they’ll start looking for real estate on their iPhone and iPad. And they’ll see me.”

Then when they visit Amy’s site, they’ll learn more about her. And her ad will start following her visitors around. “The exposure I’m getting for my brand has been very positive,” she said. But she knows that brand advertising is not a one-time event for real estate. Just as you wouldn’t buy one magazine ad and hope it works, you need to stick with digital ads for the long haul.

Amy creates custom ads for Zip and sphere ads, so her look is one-of-a-kind. And she’s inspired to use video, creating shorter clips about listings and about her area that she knows so well. She has a site by BetweenDoors and enjoys BombBomb video emails.

Amy’s clients trust her experience and her local expertise to help them buy and sell. But even more, they enjoy her warmth and enthusiasm to help them achieve their goals. Learn more about Amy on her web site.

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