5 thank you gift ideas for your real estate clients

It’s the season of gratitude, and we find that real estate agents really know how to say thank you. In fact, we asked many of the agents who use Adwerx to share some of the unique ways they have said thank you to clients. These are some of our favorites — from the personalized and some are just downright personal.

Framed name

If your client has a last name with 12 letters or less, this graphic frame is a lovely way to present your client with a keepsake.

Upwardly mobile

One agent had a client that spent weekends rock climbing, so she installed climbing grips in the garage as an extra little bonus!

Classy decanter

The wet bar is making a comeback in today’s entertaining, and this piece really makes a statement! When an agent’s client has a whiskey aficionado, this fits the bill nicely.

Know your place

Since his client collected antique maps, this longitude/latitude personalized piece of art made perfect sense!

The best pet

After helping to find the perfect fenced-in backyard and scratch-proof wood floors, one agent wanted to say ‘thank you’ with a gift that honored the four-legged family member.

Beachy keen

For a waterfront home, one agent had an easy way to find a truly personal and personalized gift — a beachy pillow. And of course, she secured herself an invite!


Bonus idea: A night out

And last, but not least, one of our agents likes to give her clients a night on the town. But it’s not just about the OpenTable gift certificate or Ticketmaster voucher. She goes one step further and offers herself as a babysitter!

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