February 2020

3 Steps to Eye-Catching Listings and Happier Sellers

Reading time: about 2 minsHow much would you guess it cost to stage these rooms? If you guessed $50, you’d still be a little high. See, before the magic of technology, here’s what these rooms looked like: Here at Adwerx, we’re big fans of using technology to supplement the skills you’re providing your sellers every day. Our Ads for […] Read more

Using Automation to Comply with Facebook’s HEC Ad Guidelines

Reading time: about 2 minsWhen a social advertising giant changes its rules, an automated ad platform helps real estate and mortgage brokers keep up—and the results turn out to be a benefit for both brokers and home buyers. Ensuring fair housing opportunities in the internet age can be difficult. In early 2019, this reality was—pardon the pun—brought home.  A […] Read more