May 2017

A veteran and a rookie? Yes! Meet real estate agent Amy Nease

Reading time: about 3 minsShe went from selling sites to selling — and buying — homes Real estate agent Amy Nease spent 16 years selling in the same neighbourhood. Granted, the neighbourhood was a 1700 acre golf community in Florida. Amy was in site sales. But imagine the depths of expertise in an area after a tour of duty […] Read more

adwerx best real estate headlines

Write the Best Real Estate Headlines (with help from David Ogilvy)

Reading time: about 3 minsThere was a time when having a website was enough to demonstrate a company’s marketing acumen. We didn’t have to strategize ways to push people to it or invent tactics to get them to stay there. A good-looking website with some shiny Flash animations told everyone your company was modern, tech-savvy and worth hiring. Automatic credibility. […] Read more