March 2017

Greg Gorman Adwex #BeTheSherpa

#Bethesherpa: Greg Gorman gives tough love in paradise

Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson put a client’s toughest question to real estate agents: “Why do I need you?” His answer was that agents are like Sherpas: they reduce the risk of the transaction, they help carry the load and they comfort the client along the way. With this mindset, no amount of technology or automation […] Read more

FSBO For Sale By Owner

True confessions of a FSBO

I work closely with real estate agents every day. Dozens of my closest friends are real estate agents and a lot of agents cringe at the term FSBO (For Sale By Owner). And I put my home on the market to sell it myself. I was a FSBO. Before you panic, there are a couple […] Read more

LinkedIn for Real Estate

How do you leverage LinkedIn for Real Estate? Ask Italina Kirknis!

The Real Estate Community’s Online Presence Expert explains how agents and brokers can do more with LinkedIn Mention social media to real estate agents, and their first response will probably be Facebook. Their second response might be Instagram — if they’re really on the cutting edge. But few will mention LinkedIn. Online Presence Expert & […] Read more