January 2017

Sheri Moritz

KW Cares: Sheri’s story

Sheri Moritz is, above all, a giver and a doer.   She is the one who organizes fundraisers and puts together initiatives. This past Christmas, she coordinated thousands of dollars in gifts for teens at Duke Children’s hospital. These teens are often overlooked by well-wishers who like buying gifts for toddlers. She was the driving […] Read more

drone video for real estate

VIDEO: The Best Real Estate Drone Footage Is Less Drone Footage

A primer for starting drone video for real estate marketing In military parlance, they’re called UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles. “Drone” suggests the device operates autonomously, implying that it doesn’t require years of training to pilot. There’s probably no selling that military acronym to the public today, as “drones” have become a popular way for people […] Read more

Savvy agent's sphere of influence

WEBINAR: The Savvy Agent’s Sphere of Influence

87% of buyers would use their real estate agent again. But only 24% of sellers actually do….  So what happened? In this webinar, we focus on helping you bridge this gap with strategies to help you manage, maximize, and maintain the relationships that can power a successful real estate business: your sphere of influence. Here’s […] Read more

Adwerx digital ads for mortgage loan officers

Digital marketing for mortgage professionals

For loan officers and mortgage bankers, digital marketing isn’t as complicated as it seems. It’s anything but. It also doesn’t demand that you abandon traditional print outreach. Like all marketing plans, digital marketing requires balance, knowing your audience, and using a little technology. Did it all start with LendingTree? Or, did it take almost two decades […] Read more

Real estate web sites don't generate leads

CJ Hays: Real Estate Websites Don’t Generate Leads

CJ Hays is the founder of Agent Reputation. Previously, he was the marketing director for Virtual Results, one of the first real estate website design companies to bring WordPress into the real estate industry. He is currently a vendor in the online reputation industry and he has an internal website design team. He actually goes […] Read more