November 2016

Real estate farmer Scott Lehmann

The real estate farmer: Scott Lehmann

What do hand-peeled baby carrots have to do with home sellers? What do baby Brussel sprouts have to do with buyers? Well, it takes approximately six months to grow a Brussel sprout. And it can take anywhere from six months to six years to cultivate a real estate lead. And this metaphor goes even deeper. […] Read more

bret calltharp

Bret Calltharp: of real estate and rock and roll

Bret Calltharp is Director of Talent Attraction with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. And that’s not a pickup line. He sat down with Bill Risser for an episode The Real Estate Sessions to talk about his career, his experience and what’s next for real estate. You can listen to the entire episode and subscribe […] Read more

Andrew Strickman SamSpeaks

SamSpeaks! with Andrew Strickman about video for real estate

If you’ve seen Elizabeth Banks promoting, then you’ve seen Andrew Strickman’s work. And you’ll meet him in this episode of SamSpeaks! where he said down with Sam DeBianchi to talk about video for real estate. Andrew is the Head of Brand and Chief Storyteller for, and for the first time in the company’s […] Read more

Dustin Brohm Salt Lake #bethesherpa

#Bethesherpa Dustin Brohm says yes to new opportunities

After a meandering work life that included construction, car-detailing and customer service, it was Dustin Brohm’s mother that helped him find his true calling. But first, she made him go to a class. “My mother signed up for a Rich Dad/Poor Dad weekend seminar and invited me along,” Dustin said. “It totally changed my life.” […] Read more