September 2016

Retargeting for real estate webinar replay

WEBINAR: Retargeting for real estate

. What do real estate agents have in common with Amazon and Zappos? You can all retarget your customers! Retargeting for real estate uses cookies to stay in front of your previous site visitors. When someone visits your website, a few lines of code will drop an anonymous browser cookie. This cookie is a small […] Read more

Mark Spain SamSpeaks

SamSpeaks! with Mark Spain

“If you reach all your goals all the time, you’re not setting them high enough.” That’s just one of the pearls that Mark Spain of Mark Spain Real Estate shared with Sam DeBianchi in this episode of SamSpeaks! Here’s a pro tip: watch this episode with a notebook and pen handy. The real estate industry […] Read more

Facebook groups for real estate should I stay or should I go

Facebook Groups for real estate: love them or leave them?

This post is contributed by Andrea Geller of HOT PROPERTY® The Chaz Walters Group at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chicago. I remember when Facebook launched Facebook Groups. It was a great way to move specific conversations from Twitter or Facebook posts to a defined audience in one space. For the most part, Facebook Groups for […] Read more

Dusty Baker SamSpeaks! Sam DeBianchi

SamSpeaks! with Dusty Baker

Real estate agent Dusty Baker’s English teachers would laugh if they knew how much writing helps him build his business. As he confessed to Sam DeBianchi in Episode 4 of SamSpeaks!, he nearly flunked those classes in school. But the fact is, Dusty has used writing and his blog to build a strong online presence with […] Read more

Recruiting for real estate

WEBINAR: Recruiting for real estate with social media

How can you effectively use social media for recruiting for real estate and retaining the best agents? Recruiting and Retaining Using Social Media from Katie Lance on Vimeo. Katie Lance recently invited Adwerx to join her for a webinar that discussed how social media helps brokers and owners to soften the ground with the potential team […] Read more

Joe Rand SamSpeaks

SamSpeaks! with Joe Rand

Joe Rand is a pragmatist. In a world where everyone, real estate agents included, seems to overshare on social media, he has a word of warning. “If it’s online, someone is going to find it,” he told Sam DeBianchi in Episode 3 of her series, SamSpeaks! “Even email can be seen by just about anybody down […] Read more