June 2016

Katie Lance GetSocialSmart Academy

Katie Lance’s #GetSocialSmart Academy Launch Party

It’s 10am on Tuesday morning and Katie Lance is already drinking. But it isn’t anything to worry about. In fact, it’s a celebration. Katie is launching her brand new #GetSocialSmart Academy. “The biggest thing that’s ever happened to our business is happening right now!” she announced. She was live on not one but three social […] Read more

newspaper advertising for real estate

Newspaper advertising for real estate

Newspaper advertising for real estate might not be the first thing you think of when getting the word out about your business. After all, you’re reading this on a laptop or mobile device, and you’ve probably gotten all your news for the day and completed most of your tasks on those same devices. However, newspaper […] Read more

Real Estate Marketing Tips

5 Online Real Estate Marketing Tips for Agents

Your buyers are out there, and they’re searching online. Will they find you in the search? The National Association of REALTORS estimates 92% of home buyers used the Internet during the house-hunting process for information and research. Your online real estate marketing strategy will help you open doors to new clients, and to help your […] Read more

Snapchat for real estate 101 with Katie Lance

Do you use Snapchat for real estate? Maybe we should take a step back. Do you use Snapchat at all? If either of those questions induced panic, never fear. Social media doyenne Katie Lance is here. And as ever, she’s going to make understanding this social media platform easy and straightforward. And take heart. At […] Read more

The Best in Real Estate Branding

Creating the best real estate branding is all about creating the best impression. So you put your picture up on your website? Great, now buyers know your face, but they still don’t know your brand. Having the confidence to creatively (yet succinctly) show what makes you a REALTOR above the crowd is the key to […] Read more

Best advertising words for real estate

Buzz Words: Advertising Words for Real Estate

Real estate sales may not sound like an emotional topic, but in truth, it’s all about evoking a feeling. Creating mental imagery in your descriptions is vital in getting that sale. For a buyer, the deciding factor is how the house makes them feel. Do you have a dry list of features in your advertising, […] Read more