June 2016

GiveBack Homes and Adwerx partnership

Adwerx partners with Giveback Homes

Blake Andrews, the Founder of GiveBack Homes, had a lightbulb moment during his own house hunt about three years ago. He thought of families who couldn’t afford a home and decided to create a real estate business that would help improve lives. “What if we built a community of real estate professionals who want to […] Read more

Chris Craft on personal branding for real estate

In his blog post, Let It Shine: Why Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents Matters, Chris Craft of Nao Media explains how real estate agents can go beyond putting their name on a business card. It’s all about being true to YOU. Let it Shine A true brand is natural and not fabricated. A brand is […] Read more

Laurie Weston Davis

Is REALTOR® on your birth certificate?

Are you using “REALTOR®” as part of your name on your Facebook personal profile? Did your mom and dad know you were going to grow up to be a REALTOR® and help you out by making it your middle name on your birth certificate? Did they say, “Oh, he looks just like his grandfather, Harry […] Read more

Create real estate flyers

Creating Real Estate Flyers That Pop

Is there a more time-tested advertising tool than real estate flyers? A simple and effective essential for your business, real estate flyers are now even easier to create by downloading templates free of charge. Once you have the template, you might find yourself staring at a blank screen. As a real estate agent, you may […] Read more

real estate marketing company

Do You Need a Real Estate Marketing Company?

As a REALTOR, you know your homes, your communities, and your customers. Getting the word out about those homes to those customers in your community might not be your strong suit. A good real estate marketing company isn’t going to tell you how to do your job, but they can help you focus on what […] Read more