July 2015

Adwerx blog image on the psychology of brand colors and color thearoy

The inside story of a brand redesign (part 2 of 3)

And now for something completely different. A Monty Python reference. What is your favorite color? Okay, that might have been a tad indulgent. With the Adwerx brand refresh process (read part one of the series here), it wasn’t so much about asking our favorite color as much discovering what color we felt best represented our […] Read more

Adwerx mobile advertising infographic thumbnail

Adwerx mobile advertising for real estate is here! [Infographic]

Mobile is growing faster than any other advertising channel. And what’s really intriguing is that mobile’s growth hasn’t meant any loss to desktop usage. So users are simply adding mobile to their technology use. Mobile use tends to be task-specific, with users consuming photos, maps, weather and games, while they are using desktops and laptops […] Read more

Inman nominates Adwerx for real estate as Innovative Tech Company 2015

Inman nominates Adwerx as Innovative Tech Company 2015

We’re having a Sally Field moment here. Inman has nominated Adwerx as an Innovative Tech Company, and we’re feeling very, very liked. Not to mention we’re extremely proud to be listed among such a stellar group of companies! Inman is a leading authority for professionals in the world of real estate, so this nomination means a […] Read more

Video mistakes by real estate agents

3 real mistakes real estate agents make with video

Real estate agents work harder than folks in almost any other industry. And they totally understand the need for marketing and advertising.  We talk to dozens of agents each month about how to market homes, how to reach audiences and how to best use technology for all of that. Last time, we discussed the hardware […] Read more

AdWerx for real estate presents email marketing for real estate: a round up of how-to guides

Email marketing for real estate: a how-to round-up

Many moons ago, the only way to reach new folks directly was through their physical mailbox. But direct mail is a tough channel, and most people sort their mail over the trash can. The email inbox was uncharted territory for about five minutes. These days, most inboxes are just as chock full of unsolicited emails, […] Read more