September 2013

Real estate SEO essentials, part 3 – 5 link building strategies for savvy agents


If you’re reading FreeAgent, odds are you’re already familiar with the increasing role the web plays in today’s home buying and selling process, a trend we’ve covered extensively in 2013.

This week, in the spirit of answering Rob Wachter’s call to “embrace the digital mind shift,” we bring you the third and final post in our Real Estate SEO Essentials series to help you learn about the off-page elements that contribute to your website’s search engine rankings and give you link building tips to help you boost your rank and reach new clients online.

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3 ways to take great care of home buyers and sellers

A good reputation is the byproduct of excellent service. In a recent survey performed by JD Power and Associates, first-time home buyers and sellers said they were most influenced by a company’s good reputation and the recommendations they receive from friends, family and colleagues. When potential clients hear positive endorsements about your service, they begin the real estate process with an established level of confidence.

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From the trenches – real estate marketing tips: Virginia Munden


Welcome back to our our Q&A series here on FreeAgent. From the Trenches features interviews with smart marketers and tech-savvy advisers who share their wisdom on the web and through social channels.

In our last Q&A post, we heard from branding expert and consultant Katie Lance. This week, we feature Real Estate guru Virginia Munden. Head to the comments section to let us know what you think — and feel free to suggest your favorite real estate maven for an upcoming post.  

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3 main reasons Google+ is good for real estate branding


Google Plus (Google+) is a great marketing and personal branding tool for real estate professionals. With Google+, agents and brokers can increase visibility by improving their search engine optimization (SEO), building relationships with industry influencers through Google+ Communities, and positioning themselves as trusted sources among other tech-savvy professionals.

If you’re focusing your branding efforts only on Facebook or Twitter, you may be missing out. Here are three reasons why you should use Google+ for personal branding.

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