August 2013

Building your real estate brand online with display advertising

Reading time: about 4 minsFor all it’s sophisticated technology and special terminology, online display advertising in real estate has a lot more in common with traditional marketing than you might think. In this post, we’ll show you how the old-school advertising principles of ‘the right message, at the right place, at the right time’ apply just as much online […] Read more

From the trenches: real estate marketing tips – Katie Lance

Reading time: about 3 mins

There are some seriously smart marketers and tech-savvy advisors sharing their wisdom on the web and through social channels.

That’s why we decided to start a regular Q&A series here on FreeAgent! Head to the comments section to let us know what you think — and feel free to suggest your favorite real estate maven for an upcoming post.  

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What can real estate agents learn from Jay Z? You’d be surprised.

Reading time: about 4 mins

 Like many successful musicians, Jay Z has mastered the art of branding himself. With the release of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, in early July he demonstrated his marketing expertise with a fittingly innovative strategy. While you might not think there are parallels between an album release and real estate; we’ve found three things that will transform your marketing strategy. 

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