June 2013

Real estate SEO essentials, part 1 – keyword research

These days, any agent worth their salt has at least some presence online.  Smart agents know that 90% of buyers go online to find homes (2012 NAR Report) and are working to meet clients on their terms.  But simply placing listings online isn’t enough when popular “third-party sites sell ad space to agents with competing brokerages that appear next to listings” (Inman.com, November 2012). To truly succeed online, you need to reach prospective clients before the competition, and that means meeting buyers where they start their search.  That’s why search engine optimization, or SEO, is a key part of your real estate marketing tool set. 

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Differentiate your real estate marketing with video

Video may not be new technology, but the propensity for consumers to watch, learn from and shop by watching videos is a relatively recent trend. More importantly it’s a trend you have to understand and exploit in your real estate marketing plan.

So you know where they’re spending their time online… but how do you reach them?

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